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Tag: reverse shell

Offensive Go - reverse shells

Some time ago, I stumbled upon Hershell a multi-platform reverse shell written in Go. Unfortunately, it was marked as malicious by our corporate antivirus solution. As an exercise, I decided to create my version of the Golang multi-platform reverse-shell based on the Hershell code. There are some features I would like to have: reverse-shell should compile easily for different platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS for both x86 and x64 architectures. The program needs to encrypt data in transit and should have some protection from connecting to any listener.

Reverse shell cheat sheet

Often after gaining remote code execution, we want to get some interactive access - instead of issuing a single command or interacting with the web shell. Options are limited to the software installed on the target system unless you can upload your binary. This post contains a collection of reverse shells using different programs, scripting, or programming languages gathered over time. It might be helpful during penetration tests, CTFs, or courses like OSCP.